Sign up and form teams of up to 10 participants to tackle each round of the puzzle hunt.

Rounds will be released weekly every Wednesday at 7pm AEDT at this stage, this is subject to change, but we'll let all team captains know if we do change the schedule.

Each round will have five puzzle types, these are SPEED, CODE, TAS, WILD, META. This allows you to form a team and put people on their best-suited puzzle type.

SPEED - these puzzles will generally be self-explanatory when you first look at them, but will take some work. Work quickly and accurately to do well here.
CODE - these puzles will require some type of code-cracking, being able to understand different coding conventions and translating them will be useful on these puzzles.
TAS - these puzzles will always have a Tasmanian twist to them. Local knowledge isn't required, as Google exists, but it certainly won't hurt to already know it.
WILD - these puzzles will be the wildcard in the deck. It will likely make absolutely no sense, until it does, and then you have the answer almost instantly after that.
META - this is the final puzzle of the round, and will incorporate each of the other four puzzles somehow. It is recommended (but not mandatory) to solve this one last.

Hints will be released in four stages:
15 minutes after puzzles released - first hints for non-META puzzles released
30 minutes after puzzles released - second hints for non-META puzzles released, first hint for META puzzle released
45 minutes after puzzles released - third hints for non-META puzzles released, second hint for META puzzle released
60 minutes after puzzles released - final hint for META puzzle released

Above all other rules, when playing this puzzle hunt, please keep in mind this is a pay-what-you-feel competition without prizes, just the intention of providing fun to people in the comfort and safety of their own homes. The more rounds we make, the more likely we make the odd typo or coding error that messes up the competition a little bit - if this is the case, we're sorry, there's always next round.

Speaking of typos or coding errors, if you notice any please contact us as soon as possible at so we can fix it. We will be grateful for any help.

Want some practice rounds? Our Christmas Challenge is finished but still available to play here, we went with a very similar round structure for these four rounds so this will be your best bet for a warm-up.