The Evolo Easter Puzzle Hunt will be starting on Monday 25 March 2024. New puzzles will be released every day with a finale on Friday 29 March (but entry to the lucky draw prize is open until midnight, 1 April)

Sign up for free and take on the challenge!

There are no rules on team sizes, play with as many people as you're comfortable sharing the potential prizes with!

The puzzle hunt schedule will be as follows:

Monday 25 March - First puzzle released at 7pm

Tuesday 26 March - Second puzzle released at 7pm

Wednesday 27 March - Third puzzle released at 7pm

Thursday 28 March - Fourth puzzle released at 7pm

Friday 29 March (Good Friday holiday) - EIGHT puzzles released at 12pm midday, with a meta puzzle available once all twelve puzzles are finished

Lucky Draw Prize


First Place Prize


All puzzles will have fastest finish times recorded on the leaderboard page, so every puzzle is worth finishing as fast as possible for bragging rights!

On April 2, we will have a lucky draw from all participants who finish all 13 puzzles by midnight Monday 1 April, this will be for all of the chocolates in the first picture plus a $100 Evolo Room Escape gift voucher.

First team to finish all 13 puzzles will receive all of the chocolates in the second picture plus an EXIT board game valued at $24.95 (can be exchanged for other equally-valued games on our shelves at Moonah if you've already played this one)

Please note the chocolates will need to be picked up from Evolo's Moonah location by Monday 8 April, otherwise they will be donated to a good cause (eaten by us). We promise we will not eat any vouchers or board games.

We reserve the right to disqualify any team for anything considered unfair or gaming the system, please try to play this free puzzle hunt in the spirit it is intended!

Looking for a practice puzzle? Jump on our 2023 Easter Hunt for a taste of what the puzzles will be like!