Welcome to Evolo's Christmas Advent Calendar 2022!

The time has come for Evolo's Christmas Puzzle Hunt. This year we have something a bit different for you... An Advent Calendar Puzzle Hunt!

One puzzle a night from December 1 to December 24, with a grand finale 25th puzzle released once the first 24 are solved.

Start time is always 7:00pm.

There are three levels of prizes:
- "Daily Prize" for the first team finished each night (unless you have already won a Daily Prize, then it goes to the next team on the leaderboard who has not already won)
- "All 25 Lucky Draw" is a random draw for any team who completes all 25 puzzles by 31 December 2022
- "Overall Prize" is for the competitive beasts. This is scored based on your daily leaderboard positions, but only based on your best 15 finishes (to allow the odd night off). Check out the Rules page for more info.

Each of "Daily Prizes" will be an EXIT The Game board game to be picked up from our Moonah location. These are great little puzzle scenarios that take some solid problem-solving; well deserved for any team that takes out the daily top spot!

The "All 25 Lucky Draw" is a Break the Code boardgame to be picked up from our Moonah location. This one is a quick, easy to learn board game for a bit of casual fun!

The "Overall Prize" is suited to those a bit on the competitive side; a free Space Race! You can split your team and play, or invite an equal number of other players and keep your dream team together!

Check out the Rules page before you start to learn more.

Have fun!

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