Welcome to Evolo's Advent Calendar Puzzle Hunt!


One puzzle a night from December 1 to December 24, with a grand finale 25th puzzle released once the first 24 are solved.

You can play as an individual or as a team by using the same log in.

If you forget your password, contact us and we will send you a fun new one.

You can access the puzzles from the Home page, by either clicking on the day on the advent calendar or scrolling down the page to the list of puzzles.

Start time is 7:00pm AEDT each day for the first 24 puzzles.

The 25th puzzle will become available as soon as all 24 daily puzzles are solved. Therefore the soonest that the 25th puzzle could become available is 24 December 2022.

Hints automatically release at 7:20pm, 7:30pm and 7:40pm. If you haven't solved the puzzle by that point, you may as well have a peek. It doesn't affect your score and nobody will know you looked.

There are two types of leaderboards; the Daily Leaderboard (begins 1 Dec 2022) and the Overall Prize Leaderboard (leaderboard will starting being displayed on December 15, more details below).


There are three types of prizes:

- "Daily Prize" for the first team finished each night (unless you have already won a Daily Prize, then it goes to the next team on the leaderboard who has not already won)
- "All 25 Lucky Draw" is a random draw for any team who completes all 25 puzzles by 31 December 2022
- "Overall Prize" is for the competitive beasts. This is scored based on your leaderboard position. Check out the Rules page for more info.

DAILY PRIZE (25 available valued at $24.95 each)

Each of "Daily Prizes" will be a standard EXIT The Game board game to be picked up from our Moonah location by 31 Jan 2023. These are great little puzzle scenarios that take some solid problem-solving; well deserved for any team that takes out the daily top spot!

ALL 25 LUCKY DRAW (1 available valued at $29.95)

The "All 25 Lucky Draw" is a Break the Code boardgame to be picked up from our Moonah location by 31 Jan 2023. This one is a quick, easy to learn board game for a bit of casual fun!

OVERALL PRIZE (1 available valued at up to $419)

The "Overall Prize" is suited to those a bit on the competitive side; a free Space Race (1 in total) to be used by 31 Jan 2023. You can split your team and play, or invite an equal number of other players and keep your dream team together!

In order to give people a chance at winning without having to be available EVERY night at 7:00pm, the "Overall Prize" will be determined based on a points system as follows:

Finishing a daily puzzle = 1 point (available for every puzzle, 25 points can be gained from completing all of the puzzles)

Daily 1st place = 25 bonus points
Daily 2nd place = 24 bonus points
Daily 3rd place = 23 bonus points
Daily 25th place = 1 bonus point
Daily 26th place (and so on) = 0 additional points

Only your top 15 placings will count for bonus points. So if you can't make it for up to 10 of the nights at 7:00pm, we realise everyone has things on this time of year, you can still win if you ace the other 15!

Therefore a perfect score would occur if you finished first for 15 nights therefore 25 bonus points x 15 days + 25 = 400 points!

In case of two teams getting the same highest score, to determine the winner, the total time taken for the teams 15 top scoring days will be calculated and shortest time wins. If the scores are still tied to the exact millisecond, we will bring back jousting to determine the winner. The swords will be real and we have not run this idea by our insurance provider yet.

A) If on 1 December 2022, your team was the third team to enter the correct answer, your team would get 1 point for finishing the puzzle and 23 additional points for being 3rd place on the Daily Leaderboard. Therefore for 1 Dec 2022 you would have 24 points.
B) If on 2 December, you had something on at 7pm and didn't answer it until the following day, you would still get 1 point for solving the puzzle.
C) If you played all 25 puzzles, only your top 15 leaderboard places will count towards your "Overall Prize" points tally, plus the 25 points for finishing each puzzle.
D) If you only play 15 puzzles, all of your places will count towards your "Overall Prize" points tally, however you would be leaving 10 easy points on the table that you can get by simply finishing the other 10!


Duplicate accounts for the same person are not permitted, and any gaming the system, hacking the website or cheating in any way we at Evolo deem to be unfair could result in a change of these rules or not awarding a prize at our discretion