The Evolo Christmas Challenge 2019 will consist of 20 puzzles, in a series of four 5-puzzle rounds.

The challenge is free and open to teams of 1-6 participants, but to give yourselves the best chance of winning a team of 4 is recommended.

Each round will consist of four different styles of puzzles, and the best way to win is by splitting your team so everyone is on their preferred puzzle type. Puzzle types are shown in the below:


Each round will also have a META PUZZLE - It is not recommended to start this puzzle until you have solved the first four. Each of your four answers will be useful in solving this puzzle.

Round Times

Round 1 - available immediately, not timed
Round 2 - opens Sun 15 Dec 7pm
Round 3 - opens Wed 18 Dec 7pm
Round 4 - opens Sun 22 Dec 7pm


Fastest finisher prizes can only be won once, excluding the overall fastest finisher. For example, the fastest finisher of round 2 won't receive the prize should they win fastest finisher in rounds 3 or 4, however they can still win the overall prize for solving all 20 puzzles the fastest. Lucky draw prizes will be drawn from the first 20 teams to finish the round.

Round 2 fastest finisher - Celebrations tub of chocolates (692g)
Lucky draw - Decrypto board game

Round 3 fastest finisher - Celebrations tub of chocolates (692g)
Lucky draw - Monopoly for Millennials board game

Round 4 fastest finisher - Celebrations tub of chocolates (692g)
Lucky draw - Escape the Room: Mystery at Stargazer's Manor board game

Overall (all 20 puzzles) fastest finisher - Throw Throw Burrito board game, and an Evolo Room Escape voucher for up to 6 participants
Lucky Draw - Celebrations Tub of Chocolates (692g)

All answers are made up of one or multiple English words, spaces and upper/lower case will not affect answers.

To be eligible for prizes, the team captain of a team must be able to present to Evolo Room Escape with ID matching their registration. Making multiple teams is not allowed.

The team at Evolo reserve the right to disqualify any team for cheating, inappropriate team names, or making multiple entries. This is a competition we put together for free, we hope all participants take it in the spirit it is intended so we can continue to run events like this in the future!

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