Welcome to Evolo's Happy Hermits!

At Evolo we provide real-life adventure rooms, where you and your team are placed in a surreal environment where you solve a series of challenges to succeed.

As we can't offer our live experiences, here's our socially distant alternative.

We're going to regularly launch new rounds of puzzles, to keep everyone's (and our own) minds active from now until we can re-open our doors.

Unlike our previous puzzle hunts, there are no prizes in this one but there will be a leaderboard for each round.

We understand the extreme financial hardship so many people are facing at the moment, and we want everyone to be allowed to play no matter what their position.

After each round, you will be given an opportunity to pay what you feel comfortable paying. If you can spare it, we would greatly appreciate it, but no worries if you can't right now. The main thing for us is to provide a way that everyone can have a bit of fun together, without being physically together.

Cheers, Nick and Lauren

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