Frequently Asked Questions

We do understand this pandemic is far from over, as are the changes to everyone's lifestyles. We are by no means complacent, and are following public health advice on how to safely operate our business.

Just some of the adjustments we're making to be COVID-safe that you may notice if you've visited previously:

Timeslots have been spaced to allow an extra 10 minutes of cleaning time between sessions.

Waivers can now be completed online, this can be done before arrival on your own device. This will reduce the time taken to brief your team, getting you in the room faster and minimising your exposure to any strangers to your team.

As was the case before our closure, hand sanitiser is available in reception. We highly recommend all visitors to use it on arrival and again when leaving.

All puzzles requiring wearing items/extremely close inspection of items have been modified to no longer require this.

We have extended all vouchers that would have expired in 2020 or 2021 to be valid until 31 December, 2021. We hope this will give everyone long enough to use their vouchers - if you had an interstate/international trip to Tasmania that has now been cancelled due to travel restrictions, get in touch and we'll try to work something out.

Nothing in the rooms will be there to endanger you and you are not locked in. It is designed to be a mental challenge, not a physically strenuous one!

You are not locked in. The door that you enter to start the escape room cannot be physically locked, so you are free to leave at any point!

Escape rooms as a concept started out with people being locked in rooms, but for safety reasons we will never do that. Each room will have another objective for you to achieve.

No, there is no external knowledge required to complete the room. All information you will need to escape the room will be given in clues you will find. Trying to solve the room based on outside knowledge will often slow teams down.

Most of what you need is your wits, patience and a positive attitude! Other than that, we do advise everyone to bring reading glasses if they have them.

For a standard booking, the cost is as follows:
2 participants - $79 for the team
3 participants - $99 for the team
4 participants - $119 for the team
5 participants - $139 for the team
6 participants - $159 for the team

The rooms are designed to suit teams of 2-6 participants, so having more than 6 in the same room means some participants may be less engaged during the experience.

For this reason, with groups over 6 participants we do ask you to split into two smaller teams and attempt different rooms simultaneously. Please contact us to organise this, because we can usually shuffle the schedule if given enough notice to make two rooms start at once.

Our rooms are designed for adults, generally suited to social outings and corporate team-building activities. With this in mind, the minimum recommended age for participating is 16 years old.

Participants under 16 years old are welcome to come along if well supervised by an adult, however there cannot be more than four under-16 participants in a group. If a group contains an under-16 participant, it must also contain at least one adult.

Yes, we do offer a discount of $5 each for students. Please bring some form of student ID with you and we will refund the $5 on arrival.

For under-18 participants who are also students, this $5 discount is automatically applied on the booking system, there will not be an additional discount on arrival.

Yes, room escapes are excellent team-building activities as they test teamwork, creative problem-solving and communication. Evolo can open on weekdays to accommodate these, please get in touch with us by email or phone to arrange this.

It is important to your experience that you turn up on time. Your booking allows for a 10 minute initial briefing, a 60 minute experience and a 5 minute de-brief. As we may have other customers to look after before and after your booking, turning up on time is the best way to ensure you receive the full Evolo experience.

While we are a popular birthday activity, sadly we don't have any space for cake or any post-escape festivities (we turned too much of our building into escape rooms!) We are a 10-minute walk from the Hobart CBD or 10-minute walk from the North Hobart Elizabeth St strip where you should find numerous options for this.

Our bookings operate on a private basis, so even if you only book for 2 participants, the room will be entirely yours.

Being a mental challenge, performance in the escape room quickly drops with a few drinks. We do reserve the right to refuse entry to any intoxicated participants, and no alcohol is permitted on our premises. Going out for a drink after the room to de-brief is the best bet!

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