Nothing in the rooms will be there to endanger you and you are not locked in. It is designed to be a mental challenge, not a physically strenuous one!

You are not locked in. The door that you enter to start the escape room cannot be physically locked, so you are free to leave at any point!

Escape rooms as a concept started out with people being locked in rooms, but for safety reasons we will never do that. Each room will have another objective for you to achieve.

Your booking allows for a 10 minute initial briefing, the length of the experience (either 60 or 75 minutes depending on the room) and a 5 minute de-brief, so if you're in Secrets of the Jungle, Obscura, Defusal or Space Race be prepared to spend 75 minutes at our venue, or in Diamond Heist or Wild West be prepared to spend 90 minutes at our venue.

No, there is no external knowledge required to complete the room. All information you will need to escape the room will be given in clues you will find. Trying to solve the room based on outside knowledge will often slow teams down.

The one exception to this rule is Space Race, where all of the puzzles and challenges are replayable, which means previous experience having played the room might help, however it won't make the game too imbalanced as all participants have the chance to learn the challenges during the game.

Most of what you need is your wits, patience and a positive attitude! Other than that, we do advise people to bring reading glasses if they need them.

Our rooms are designed for adults, and generally suited to social outings and corporate team-building activities. With this in mind, the minimum recommended age for participating is 16 years old.

Participants under 16 years old are welcome to come along if well supervised by an adult, however there cannot be more than four under-16 participants in a group. If a group contains an under-16 participant, it must also contain at least one adult.

Our escape rooms are not scary. None of the rooms we offer have horror themes, deliberate jump scares or otherwise frightening components.

Our escape rooms are sized to comfortably accomodate a group of up to 6 or 7 people, depending on the room. The Space Race room can accommodate more than this comfortably, the maximum recommended is 16 with 8 participants on each side. You are never locked in these rooms, and can leave the room at any point if you feel uncomfortable.

Our bookings operate on a private basis, so even if you only book for the minimum amount of participants, the room will be entirely yours.

The easiest way to book is on our bookings page, this will show all available sessions and allow you to reserve a timeslot for your team. Payment upfront is required to hold your session and can be made securely using the bookings page.

To book any of our 60-minute rooms at Campbell St, Hobart, the cost is as follows:
2 participants - $89 for the team
3 participants - $109 for the team
4 participants - $129 for the team
5 participants - $149 for the team
6 participants - $169 for the team
7 participants (option only available in Obscura) - $189 for the team
To book any of our 75-minute rooms at Albert Road, Moonah, the cost is as follows:
2 participants - $109 for the team
3 participants - $129 for the team
4 participants - $149 for the team
5 participants - $169 for the team
6 participants - $189 for the team
7 participants - $209 for the team
To book our Space Race at Albert Road, Moonah, the cost is as follows:
4 participants - $179 total
5 participants - $199 total
6 participants - $219 total
7 participants - $239 total
8 participants - $259 total
9 participants - $279 total
10 participants - $299 total
11 participants - $319 total
12 participants - $339 total
13 participants - $359 total
14 participants - $379 total
15 participants - $399 total
16 participants - $419 total

Provided we receive at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation or reschedule, we will happily provide a reschedule code or move your booking to another available time or date. No fees are applied if 48 hours or more notice is provided.

If a request to cancel or reschedule is made less than 48 hours before your booking time, an administration fee based on the room booked will be applied ($49 for an escape room, $99 for the Space Race). This will either be processed at the time of rescheduling or deducted from the value of any reschedule codes issued. This is to cover the cost of staff that were rostered on for your session.

The amount of puzzles and the structure of the game is designed to suit the range of group sizes listed. By putting more than the maximum amount into the room we can't offer an engaging experience for the whole team. The best way to tackle this is to book multiple rooms simultaneously, which can be done provided we have the availability to do so. Give us a call on 0438550441 if you have a time and date in mind, and we'll see what we can do.

Yes, we do offer a discount of $5 each for students. Please bring some form of student ID with you and we will refund the $5 on arrival.

For under-18 participants who are also students, this $5 discount is automatically applied on the booking system, so there will not be an additional discount on arrival.

If a booking error has been made, feel free to contact us by phone on 0438550441, email at team@evoloroomescape or reach us via the form on our contact page as soon as possible and we will be able to assist you.

Yes you can, as long as the group size stays under the maximum for the room booked. The extra payment can be made on the day, feel free to contact us if you're unsure.

It is important to your experience that you turn up on time. Your booking allows for a 10 minute initial briefing, a 60 or 75 minute experience and a 5 minute de-brief. As we may have other customers to look after before and after your booking, turning up on time is the best way to ensure you receive the full Evolo experience.

As we have two locations, ensure you go to the address that matches the room you have booked. Secrets of the Jungle, Obscura and Defusal are at 187 Campbell St, Hobart. Diamond Heist, Wild West and Space Race are at 103 Albert Road, Moonah.

There is ample street parking at our Hobart CBD site, please keep in mind your booking should run for approximately 75 minutes as most spaces will have parking restrictions. A customer car park is available at our Moonah site.

Yes, escape rooms are excellent team-building activities as they test teamwork, creative problem-solving and communication. Evolo can open outside of regular hours to accommodate these, so please get in touch with us by email or phone to arrange this.

Evolo can host team-building experiences of up to 49 participants at a time by utilising both of our Moonah and Hobart locations. Our Moonah location has a capacity of 30 participants, and our Hobart location has a capacity of 19 participants, however we can also do back-to-back sessions to host larger groups than this.

While we do enjoy hosting birthday activities, sadly we don't have any space for cake or any post-escape festivities (we turned too much of our building into escape rooms!) We are a 10-minute walk from the Hobart CBD or 10-minute walk from the North Hobart Elizabeth St strip where you should find numerous options for this.

Being a mental challenge, performance in an escape room quickly drops with a few drinks. We do reserve the right to refuse entry to any intoxicated participants, and no alcohol is permitted on our premises. Going out for a drink after the room to debrief is the best bet!

Please contact us if you are looking to book multiple rooms for the same timeslot, we will do our best to accommodate you providing we have notice and availability.

Yes, gift vouchers can be purchased from the vouchers page. Follow the prompts to make your purchase and respond to your confirmation email if you would like a hard copy posted to you. Please note, the wooden gift vouchers are only for vouchers worth $50 or greater.

Gift vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.

Yes, there are no tests of strength or strenuous activity in our rooms. Our rooms are not scary or dangerous, there is seating available in each of the rooms and you are always welcome to leave the room at any time if required.

Our rooms are sized to comfortably accomodate a group of up to 6 or 7 people, depending on the room. (Excluding Space Race, which can comfortably take 8 participants on each side and a group of 16 in total) You are never locked in these rooms, and can leave the room at any point if you feel uncomfortable.

As escape room puzzles are designed to challenge different skills and sometimes senses, some puzzles do require hearing. Of our current rooms, Secrets of the Jungle requires the most hearing, whereas Defusal has no hearing-based puzzles. All rooms have text-based hint systems to complement the walkie-talkie system.

Unfortunately our Hobart CBD site is not wheelchair accessible. If looking to book any of the Hobart rooms with a participant in a wheelchair, Secrets of the Jungle is the only room of the three located downstairs. Our Moonah site is wheelchair accessible with all rooms on the same floor.