Start Up A Competition

Struggling to find ways to boost the office morale without the office? Evolo's After-Work Thinks is bringing team-building to your home!

What is Evolo's After Work Thinks?

After Work Thinks is a competition designed for teams of 3-5 within a workgroup where you are given 20 intricately designed puzzles spaced over four rounds. While it's completely up to each team as to how they tackle the puzzles, our recommendation is a combination of Zoom to communicate with teammates and Google Sheets/Docs to share working out.

The answers gained from the first four puzzles will all feed into the fifth, so working as a team to cover the puzzles as quickly as possible is essential to winning office bragging rights!

How long will it take?

On current testing, each round tends to take somewhere from 30-90 minutes.

Our recommendation is to spread the competition over four weeks, however this is completely up to you!

For example, you could have one round per week, spread over 4 weeks with each round opening Friday lunchtime and finishing Friday at 6pm.

Or if your team is ready for a puzzle-solving blitz, you could have a round a day from Monday-Thursday. You can specify each round's start and finish time when setting up the competition.


If you're interested in setting up a competition for your workgroup, these prices are based on the full 4 rounds:

$800 - Up to 10 team logins (e.g. 10 teams of 4 participants = $20 per head)

$1200 - Up to 20 team logins (e.g. 20 teams of 4 participants = $15 per head)

$1500 - Unlimited team logins (e.g. 50 teams of 4 participants = $7.50 per head)


Send us an email at and set up your office's "team-building from home" today!