Get your best code-cracking colleagues together to take on Evolo's After Work Thinks!

What's in a round?

Your team will have to work together to solve a series of five puzzles each round. The first four puzzles could require a bit of anything - using the internet is allowed and even recommended!

To ensure your team is working as efficiently as possible, setting up a way to communicate and collaborate on answers will be useful. Zoom and Google Sheets are the tools of choice when we play similar challenges, but completely up to you!

The fifth puzzle in each round will be a meta puzzle. This puzzle will require the first four of your answers to solve, it is a good idea to work on this one last.

What if we're stuck?

Hints will be released in four stages:
15 minutes after you start your round - first hints for normal puzzles released
30 minutes after you start your round - second hints for normal puzzles, first hint for meta puzzle
45 minutes after you start your round - third hints for normal puzzles released, second hint for meta puzzle released
60 minutes after you start your round - final hint for meta puzzle released

How do I start and finish the round?

When a round is open, you may choose to start your round when all of your team are ready. Ensure everyone is ready, because this will start your team's timer. The round will finish when your team have solved all of the puzzles in that round. The round has a closing time as well - make sure you finish before that time otherwise your time will be ineligible for the leaderboard