Frequently Asked Questions

Room questions
Nothing in the rooms will be there to endanger you. However you may put yourself at risk if you attempt to do anything outside of how the room is meant to be solved. If you are trying to lift heavy objects, break objects, cut wires - trust us, that’s not the way out.
The doors that you enter to start the escape room will not be physically locked, so if you have any issues with claustrophobia you will be able to leave at any point. This door will also be open in case nature calls - we advise going beforehand to avoid wasting precious minutes!
No, there is no external knowledge required to complete the room. All information you will need to escape the room will be given in clues you will find. Trying to solve the room based on outside knowledge will often slow teams down.
Most of what you need is your wits and patience. Other than that, we do advise everyone to bring reading glasses if they have them.
For a standard booking, the cost is as follows:
2 participants - $79 for the team
3 participants - $99 for the team
4 participants - $119 for the team
5 participants - $139 for the team
6 participants - $159 for the team
Even if you only purchase 2 tickets for the room escape, the room will be entirely yours.
Yes you can, our escape rooms are aimed to be fun for all ages. However we do require that you get a waiver form signed by a parent/guardian before the room. This waiver will be sent to you if you would like to get it signed in advance.
While we do allow participants under 14 years old to go in our rooms, if there are under-14 participants in the team we do require an adult to also be in the team.
Yes, we offer a $5 discount per student/under 18 participant. If you are a student over 18, please bring a student identification card and we will refund your $5 on arrival.

Note that if you are under 18 you will need to bring a signed waiver from a parent/guardian to be allowed to participate.
Yes, escape rooms are excellent corporate team-building activities and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Evolo can open on weekdays for these cases, but will need at least two weeks of notice to arrange this.
Getting there
It is important to your experience that you turn up on time. Your timeslot allows for a 10 minute briefing, up to 60 minute room escape and 5 minutes for a de-brief. As we do have other customers to look after, being on time is a good way to ensure you receive the full Evolo experience.
Along Campbell St there are 2 hour parking spots along the side of the road, these are your best option if you can find them. Otherwise we are a 10-minute walk from some of the large car parks in town.