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Evolo Room Escape are bringing real-life room escapes to Hobart. With innovative puzzle designs, decorative themes and compelling storylines, it's one experience you don't want to miss out on!

The concept of an escape room is that you are put in a room with your teammates and have 60 minutes to figure out how to solve your way out of the room. The puzzles in the room might be physical, mental or lateral, but they should all have one thing in common - they're fun. Book your team in today to see if you can escape!

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At Evolo Room Escape, we understand the feeling. You want to go well in your 60 minutes. However, there's no external knowledge that will help in the room. Studying won't get you out of the room. If you cannot stand the thought of going in completely unprepared, we've provided some links below to give you an understanding of what you are signing up for.

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Our favourite digital room escape games